If you're a Financial Adviser, then having Tenet Employee Benefit Solutions as a business partner could be the best move you make.

If you're a Financial Adviser, then you can refer your corporate clients to us and we'll do all the work and provide the advice they need. You are providing a great service to your client and you could increase your income through a referral fee. It's a real win-win

The service at a glance

  • Simply refer your corporate clients to us and we'll do all the work
  • Assists you in developing your proposition and identifying the resources you require
  • Helps you identify the right corporate clients via your professional connections (accountants, solicitors etc.)
  • Provides a 'fit for purpose' pension scheme review for existing employers' pension schemes to identify their auto enrolment requirements     
  • Project management and delivery of a scheme to employers and staff
  • Provision of administrative services and day to day management of the scheme
  • Access to state of the art employee benefits IT platform which will facilitate auto-enrolment and development of flexible benefits
  • Assistance with other aspects of employee benefits not just auto enrolment

What product areas does the service cover?

The primary focus is providing a first class corporate pension service for auto enrolment however, we also provide support and expertise across the full range of employee benefit solutions. Tenet Employee Benefit Solutions is a holistic employee benefits service.

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